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How to Simplify the Management of Your Field Service Workers

FieldPulse | May 15, 2016

Put down the clipboards. Ditch the unnecessary paperwork. Stop playing phone tag with employees currently out in the field. All these time-wasting sides to your service business can be simplified. The right mobile service business workforce management software makes it all easier than you’d think.

After all, who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? It’s essential for any mobile workforce. Yet it’s much more than just a tool for convenient on-the-go communication. With one easy mobile solution, you can save a ton of wasted time, money, and paperwork. All while making team management even more efficient than it was before.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small team of field techs or a large company with a hundred employees. You can drastically simplify the way you manage your mobile workforce and operations. See how FieldPulse management software does the job.

Simple Job Scheduling and Dispatch

No matter what line of work you’re in, you’re probably all too familiar with those unexpected calls for last-minute appointments. Your team heads out at the start of the day with their anticipated schedule, but what do you do about these add-on jobs? There’s no need to miss out on the business or play phone tag. With FieldPulse, you can easily schedule any job that comes up and dispatch your team accordingly. Your field tech can get all the information he needs about the new job and customer, right in the FieldPulse app.

Easy Invoicing and Estimates

Think of all the wasted time that comes with paper invoicing. Not only do you go through the tedious process of creating the invoice, you also have to print and mail it. After that, it’s in your customer’s hands. Who knows how long it could be before you can actually mark it off as paid.

Why deal with the paperwork when your service business can save all this time with mobile estimates and invoicing? Simplify your management by keeping estimates and invoices secure in the FieldPulse app. When you eliminate paperwork, you eliminate the risk of workers losing track of it. Mobile invoicing allows your team to receive and check the status of invoices instantly, from anywhere. It’s even more convenient for your customers, since electronic payments are easier than mailing out a check, and they’ll know right away that their payment was received. Invoice management becomes quicker and simpler for everyone involved. FieldPulse’s contractor estimating app makes it easy to create beautiful estimates right in front of the customer!

Employee Time Tracking

With integrated time tracking and timesheet logging tools, your team members can clock in and clock out directly in the FieldPulse mobile app. Their location is automatically tagged by the mobile app at the time of the clock in to verify their real location. No more manual timesheets and wondering whether your team members were actually at the job site. All of the time tracking and guess work is eliminated with FieldPulse’s integrated time clock functionality.

Convenient Customer Communication

Got a call from a customer who needs someone to fix a leak under their sink as soon as possible? Not a problem. Just use FieldPulse to dispatch your closest employee. They’ll have access to everything they need in order to get in touch with that customer right away. The management software holds all of the important detailed customer contact info, history, notes about the appointment, and more. The customer’s estimate or invoice will even be in the app and ready to go. With a mobile workforce management solution as efficient as this, your business’ customer service reputation will soar.

Effortless Team Task Management

Keeping track of everything employees have on their plate throughout the day can get out of hand. Especially for larger teams. One of the best project management tools available through FieldPulse is for task management and real-time updates. Who has an open window of time this afternoon and can take on this new appointment? How long will this job take to complete? Everyone in your mobile workforce can create updates, and you can organize and keep track of the team’s tasks and jobs all in one place.

There’s no doubt it used to be tough to manage a mobile workforce while everyone was out in the field, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Technology has made workforce management solutions like FieldPulse possible.

The best part? There’s no need to download separate apps. You can manage job assignments, invoices, customers, timesheets, and to-do lists right in the FieldPulse mobile workforce management app. Whether you prefer working from your phone, desktop, or iPad, FieldPulse simplifies your service business operations wherever you and your mobile team go.

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