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Using Incentives and Loyalty to Get More Customers for Your Service Business

FieldPulse | July 10, 2016

What’s the one thing that every mobile service business owner shares? The desire to get more customers. It’s something that drives business owners across the country to improve their service, offer new products, and move into new markets.

It’s also something that keeps people up at night. If you run a mobile service business, you probably wonder how you could get more customers for your business, right?

It may seem like a big challenge, but fear not, there are 2 tried-and-tested ways you can get more customers for your mobile service business, and neither of them costs a dollar.

Offer Incentives

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. Without them, your mobile service business won’t exist. But while you probably recognise this, I bet you’re failing to incentivize your customers to come back to your business repeatedly. Sure, you do a good job and provide great service, but you probably never go beyond that – and that’s a problem. When it comes to getting more customers for your business, the easiest and most effective method is to use the customers you already have.

Think about it for a second. Over the course of your business with these customers, you’ve provided them with a service they’re happy with, and have in many cases made their lives easier by fixing a problem they used to have. But above all, you’ve built a relationship with them, and that’s a powerful thing.

For you to be a successful business, you need to cultivate the relationships you already have and offer incentives to get them coming back to you again and again. Why waste time and effort chasing down new clients, when you can turn your existing ones into repeat customers?

How to Incentivize Your Customers to Come Back to You Again and Again

Once you’ve realised that your most valuable assets are your current customers, it’s time to start incentivising those customers to come back to your business again and again. Thankfully, getting someone to book you for your services a second time is much easier than getting them to do it in the first place.

To get repeat business, start offering your past customers one-off incentives that address their needs, that they can’t refuse, but that still make good business sense for you.

For your mobile service business, these could be:

    • Discounts on bulk or repeat bookings
    • Exclusive and discounted access to new services (this can work great if you’re looking to test new services in the real world)
    • Holiday discounts or offer programs
    • Custom packages and bespoke offers based on your knowledge of their needs
  • Ask them for their feedback and incorporate their responses into your business (everybody loves knowing that their thoughts and opinions matter)

The goal for your incentives is to show your past customers that they still matter to you, and that you are always looking out for ways to help improve their lives. Your past customers would probably jump at the opportunity to re-experience the joy of having their lives improved through your work. But without incentives, most people are going to lack the nudge they need to make another booking. By creating incentives you can re-engage your past customers, improve their lives, and make them loyal to your brand for life.

Learn more about what you can to do re-engage past customers

Reward Loyalty

Once you have re-engaged your past customers with a new offer or by reaching out to them for their feedback, it’s time to start rewarding them for their loyalty and lock their business in for a lifetime. To do this, create a customer loyalty program that truly rewards your best customers.

Customer loyalty programs have been shown to have a dramatic impact on customer behaviour:

    • 81% of customers say they’re more likely to continue going back to a business with a loyalty program (2016 Bond Loyalty Report)
  • 73% of loyalty program members are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs (2016 Bond Loyalty Report)

How would your business look if 81% of your past customers came back to you again and again, and if 73% of them recommended your business to their friends?

How to Build a Customer Loyalty Program for Your Mobile Service Business

Building a great loyalty program that rewards your best customers doesn’t have to take a huge amount of effort. What’s more, the best loyalty programs are the ones that are easy to maintain, but that provide a huge amount of value and repeat business.

When you’re designing your loyalty program, think about these things:

    • Based on your knowledge of all your past customers, what are their pain points?
    • How could you make life easier for your customers? (Could you offer them free servicing every 5 years? Or free bonuses on bulk purchases?)
    • How can you show them they are valued?
  • How can you show them you care?

The best loyalty programs provide value for the business and the customer in equal measure. When you’re coming up with your loyalty program design, consider successful loyalty programs used by other companies, and think about how you can apply their strategies to your business.

A Loyalty Program We Love:

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club is a perfect example of a great customer loyalty program. Their tiered rewards system gives customers points every time they fly with them, and then those points add up to unlock different rewards statuses.

We love this because it rewards customers at different levels based on their commitment to the company – the more committed, the better the reward. The tiered system also creates competition and an element of status, so customers feel a huge drive to make it to the next level and unlock more rewards (and a feeling of superiority).

Use a tiered loyalty system in your mobile services business by rewarding your customers with points every time they book with you. Tie dollars to points and create different levels of rewards and service perks so that your customers have an incentive to keep coming back and earning rewards.

Are You Ready to Get More Customers?

Getting more customers for your business may seem like a hard task, but with careful planning, incentives, rewards, and dedication, you can make it happen.

The important thing to remember is that whichever way you choose to incentivize and reward your customers, you must provide a huge amount of value. Without value, your customers will not see the benefit of coming back to you and your business again and again.

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