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Hiring the Right Employees

FieldPulse | December 27, 2016


As your contracting business grows, you need to hire good employees to help you with the additional work you have gained. Finding the right employees can be difficult if you don’t go about looking for someone that reflects the values of your business and the services you provide. Knowing what to look for in the right candidate can help your business as it expands and give you peace of mind that your business is continuing on the right path.

Begin Your Search

When searching for employees to add to your business, it is important that you take the time to think about what the right person you have envisioned for your business will be like and the qualifications they should possess. Think about the job that you have outlined for them and what responsibilities you would like them to take over. Having a good idea of the duties and personality type for that position will get you on your way to finding the right person to add to your business.

Now that you have the role defined, it is time to seek out potential candidates. Think about where these candidates will look for jobs and advertise there. Consider word-of-mouth as a way to bring vetted employees in and provide you with that quality candidate you are looking for.

What To Look For In A New Employee?

When looking for that potential employee, you need to consider what is most important to your contracting business. Do you focus primarily on customer service and need someone that is outgoing and professional or is the position more trade-oriented and requires special skills to complete the work.

There might be certain qualities you need in a potential employee and these should be foremost in your candidate search. Here are some characteristics to keep in mind when searching for a new employee.


Look for an employee that has had past experience doing the same level of work. This will allow them to ease into the job easier and fill the role faster without as much on the job training. If you are looking for someone to perform painting duties, for example, look for someone that has worked previously with a painting company. This will show you that they are familiar with the work and knows what is expected of the position. Their experience will prove valuable as they start working on the job as they will already possess many of the skills necessary to help you with your business.

Willingness To Learn

If the job pool doesn’t allow for someone with deep skills in the contracting position you have in mind, you may want to look for someone willing to learn the trade. An eager learner can often be better in the long term for your business and you will be able to slowly give them more responsibility as they prove themselves. A person with this quality can be a real asset as they will want to learn and show you they have the necessary ability to perform to your standards.


An employee that displays that they are committed to working with your business can be a real boon as they will be dedicated to your company. You want an employee that sticks around and for the long haul and doesn’t have to be replaced or retrained. Find out what a potential employee’s plans are for the long term and see if they are looking for a career in your industry. You want someone that sees themselves with you for a long time and is committed to being loyal to your contracting business.


When it comes to your business and the employees that work for you, you want people that are motivated and hardworking. Look for a candidate that is willing to put forth the effort you are looking for and will give more than is expected. You don’t want someone that is lazy or acts uninterested as this will transfer over to the job and affect the performance of your business.


When you are interviewing a potential employee for your business, it is most important that they mesh with your personality and is someone you can get along with. You will be spending a great deal of time with this person and want someone that you can see eye-to-eye with. Not only your personality, but your team’s personality. They’ll often be working together outside of your supervision and you need to make sure they can resolve conflicts in a civil manner. If you have a gut feeling that this person isn’t right for your business, trust yourself and find someone that is a good fit.

Finding that perfect employee to add to your growing contracting business can free you up to focus on running the business. Taking the time to really find that employee you can trust and rely upon can make all the difference when you look to expand your business and increase its employee size. Finding employees that have traits you admire can ensure you have people working for your business that will give the same level of service you give and make sure to grow your business in a way that is successful.

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