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2020 Digital Marketing Trends

FieldPulse | January 6, 2017

2020 Digital Marketing TrendsWhere is your business headed in 2020 and what strategies do you have outlined? What technology are you embracing? How are you utilizing today’s digital tools and 2020 digital marketing trends to optimize your company’s online presence?

2020 Digital Marketing Trends

The average residential or commercial contractor will spend anywhere from $100 – $50,000 annually for a pronounced presence on the web. Services can be as easy as putting up a card house-constructed web page or as challenging as maintaining a number one slot on Google in Los Angeles while competing in a saturated market. Regardless of where you are positioned on the scale, at least you’re on the scale.

Congratulations! Now it’s time to think next level.

Below, we’ve listed five trends that can boost your company’s marketing power online. Whether you’re the CEO, lead contractor, office manager, or the web-marketing director, your knowledge of these tools could become a vital component in generating more revenue from all of your online sources in 2020. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Content Marketing

The ability to appropriate keywords throughout your web’s content in a strategic manner is still the most viable form of creating awareness online – so much, that content marketing spawned an entire industry. The concept is simple: when people are looking for your contracting service online, what words do they type into Google? That comprehensive list of words and how they are used in the text can mean the difference between your company rising to the top of the search engine ladder or you treading water on page 8. Here are some quick ideas to help you generate relevant keywords.

2. Marketing Automation

Regardless of what contracting service you offer, marketing automation can keep your business rolling throughout the year. For instance, let’s say that you offer a maintenance plan for the products you install or repair. Ongoing automated reminders via email, social media, and even FieldPulse‘s field service software can remind your clients of upcoming inspections and upkeep which needs to be performed.

If your website contains YouTube videos, blogs, or podcasts, automated messages or alerts can be sent out to your entire market base through various channels. Automated marketing simplifies your schedule while getting the word out about your latest advertising campaign, article, or how-to video.

3. Social Media

There are countless arguments about what is the best approach to social media. There is no denying, however, that it’s a mainstay in online marketing. Which approach your company takes largely depends on which social media platform you’re using, and what message you’re trying to send. Your Tweets will look have an impact that is far different from your Facebook newsfeed. The main reason for this is that your audience is likely to be different.

Business News Daily released a social media guide that breaks down each popular platform for businesses and compare them. They also give you advice on how best to use each social media site. You can read it here. The most effective submission on any social site is the media. Photos, videos, banners, graphics, and images, create eye-catching posts that lead to clicks onto your page, or better yet, your website. It’s important to make sure that each post is engaging and leads your clients to some action.

4. Mobile Marketing

Although promoting a contracting business via phone doesn’t seem like a very effective marketing tactic, it can work in your favor in several situations. We once ran into a company that sent out texts to over 1,000 homeowners just after a major tornado ripped through their town. The text contained emergency numbers they could call for help, plus a free home inspection package. Text messages are useful when well executed and timed just right. Although many homeowners would rather not receive texts from a contractor, there are moments when they can come in handy. Practice great caution and even greater strategy when sending them for marketing purposes.

5. Site Optimization

Two trends under the title of ‘optimization’ are conversion rate and search engine. Both are a systemized method for improving the performance of your website. The conversion rate is the rate at which website visitors perform your call to action on your site. An example of this would be if someone clicked the ’email us’ button or scheduled a consultation on your online scheduler. Phone activity would not be included unless you had a way of tracking how many calls you received via the website. Conversation rates are analyzed using Internet tools that give measurable data so you can see the progress of the conversion rates.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more geared toward increasing the number of visitors to your web page by improving your site’s ranking in the search engine results. It involves a combination of strategies and techniques – many of which are discussed in this article – that are critically analyzed almost by the minute to ensure a strong search engine ranking. If you are unable to optimize your site, then contact an SEO expert who can help you get your ranking where you want it to be.

Why These Trends Continue

In all honesty, there’s nothing all that new about the 2020 online marketing trends highlighted above. They probably made the list last year as well. Heck, they probably made 2010’s. There is, however, a reason why: They work. Successful contractors understand the importance of web presence and how to utilize it. If they can’t create and maintain the sites, they hire someone to do it.

Truth be told, most contractors are involved in the web process at the investment level. From there, it’s in someone else’s hands. They make the investment, however, because they experience first-hand the power of online marketing and embracing today’s digital tools and 2020 digital marketing trends.

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