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5 Ways to Run Your Business Without Being in the Office

FieldPulseAuthor | October 3, 2017

Field Service SoftwareLeading your business doesn’t mean you have to sit in an office all day. Technology and other tools have made it possible for managers to work outside of the office. There are ways to manage the day-to-day operations, from following up with clients to reading and replying to emails, while you’re enjoying the splendors of the outdoors. Here are five ways to run your business outside the office:

Embrace Technology – Including Field Service Software

Modern technology is the key to bringing your work outdoors without quality of work or productivity being affected. You’ll need at least a laptop and mouse, but it helps to have the right accessories as well. Nowadays many establishments offer free WiFi, but an on-the-go WiFi hotspot can come in handy when public WiFi isn’t available. Battery packs that can extend your laptop and smartphone for a couple of hours, which is good for situation where a power outlet is inaccessible. Having the right software is also important. For service businesses, FieldPulse is field service software that allows you to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Learn to Delegate

Delegating the right tasks to the right people is important. It helps your company operate at optimal levels with minimal supervision or hands-on attention. To delegate effectively, study your employees to find out individual skill sets and strengths. Knowing these strengths can create a better fit for a specific task or project.

Regular Updates

Ask a trusted employee or appoint a confidant in your office to give you regular updates about what’s happening on the front lines. They should bring you up to speed about any project issues, employee concerns, and potential new business. Beyond office updates, make sure to stay up to date on your industry. Take time to research online about any new developments in your market or industry. Subscribe to business publications to get in-depth information about your market and the business world in general.

Minimize Distractions

Distractions are productivity zappers in a field professional’s day-to-day life. Minimize them by picking the right time to respond to emails and calls. Use earbuds or headphones to block out background noise. Use website blockers to avoid social media, YouTube, and other popular entertainment platforms that can drain hours of your day. Uninstall any applications that don’t relate to your work.

Protect Your Equipment & Important Documents

If you’re working remotely, you don’t want to damage your equipment, paperwork, or important documents. Having a great bag or the right case will help protect any project-specific equipment and documents that are necessary for the work to be completed. Keep blueprints, project documents, and other client paperwork safe at all time. You never know when a spill or accident could damage or destroy either one, becoming a liability that could keep you from completing client work on time.

Final Thoughts

Managing your company from outside the four walls of a traditional office setting has many challenges. It can take time before you eventually draw up a clearly defined route. With that, working out of the office has many benefits. The physical exercise, the chance to network even more aggressively, and the freedom to work wherever you want are just a few of the many benefits of managing your company from out in the field.

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