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Contractor Marketing in Hospitality: It’s all about their guests’ experience

FieldPulse | October 13, 2017

The hospitality industry can be a consistent source of income for contractors who take the time to embrace it. Hotels and motels have one goal: taking care of their guests, in part by making sure their environment is an inviting one. This goes hand in hand with contractor marketing since the rooms and public areas MUST have proper upkeep to achieve this.

How do contractors go about marketing to hotels?

We’ve put together a list of ways to get started below, but the best method is simply getting to know each General Manager of the properties in your area. While this is what many may refer to as starting with “cold leads,” it could also yield the best results. Now let’s look at some of the other ways that can be used to put motels and hotels on your client list.

  • Check out online job sites for hotels/motels needing contractors.

    Some hotels might start looking for new employees to manage the volume of work they have. Find a listing and sell your services on the fact that it FINALLY provides them with a long-term solution that they can depend on. Time is valuable, and if it’s spent looking for someone that’s going to stick around it can get wasted quickly.

  • Facebook is a powerful tool – use it to your advantage.

    From groups where locals gather to targeted marketing, the sky is the limit with Facebook. A lot of contractors think that their reach stops with paid ads. This is a big misconception as people use Facebook for just about everything locally. Find local groups where you can connect and network with hotel/motel managers.

  • Remodels in progress could yield success.

    If you see a building going up or a remodel in progress, introduce yourself to the General Contractor so that they can keep you in mind. You never know, they could need experienced help to meet their deadlines.

  • Keep a pulse on the community.

    The people that make up your community are an invaluable source of intelligence. Listen to what the common issues are in the community, the needs among the town’s development, and anything else you can use to build your business. Also make sure to keep up with local council meetings. By knowing what new properties are being built, who is looking to remodel, or the general status of local properties, you can be the first to offer services.

What to know before taking on this work

The main thing that you’ll want to have is general liability insurance. Not only is this going to protect your company, but most hospitality companies require it from their contractors. Nobody wants to trust their business to someone who isn’t going to be able to fix any damages or mistakes that occur during the job. You’ll also need appropriate licenses for the type of work that you’re doing, dependent on what your local authorities require of contractors.

Ensuring client retention in the hospitality industry is key.

One of the most important aspects of contractor marketing is being able to keep the clients you gained. You don’t want a revolving door when it comes to client acquisition & retention. Make sure that all your communications remain consistent and that you stay on top of this. This will ensure that you keep those clients you worked hard to gain.

Always put yourself in the guests’ shoes.

It may seem easy to just walk out of the room when you’re finished, but guests will notice even the smallest things. Make sure that the quality you deliver is what you’d deliver on your other jobs. By doing this, not only will you WOW the guests, but you’re sure to do the same for the management team and employees.

Keep in mind that this is a great way to get the word going around town. Even the front desk clerks can be great referrals for your company and the quality that you provide.

Be prepared to sell the value of your work – not just the price

Like any other business, hotels looking to get the lowest price and best quality for the work. Make sure to avoid selling on price alone. Share the value you provide and emphasize the quality of your work. You aren’t in the business just because it’s fun. If it’s not profitable, why else would you be spending so much time and energy growing your company?

Hospitality can be a great source of repeat business

This is by far one of the best ways to give your overall revenue a boost. A lot of the time you can do the jobs for hotels/motels alongside your other higher-paying projects. To ensure your growth, you want to make sure that you have consistent income that will help you take contracting to a whole new level. And the hospitality industry could be the secret to that growth.

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