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The Most Common Marketing Mistakes Made by Painters

FieldPulse | October 26, 2017

Marketing is critical for paint contractors, and it must be looked at that way to have a secure (and profitable) future. Don’t get it wrong, painters are great at transforming houses and businesses. It’s not uncommon for one of their least favorite parts of the business is having to market painting services.

To help break down this barrier we’re going to look at some of the most common mistakes made when it’s time to market painting. Hopefully this will shed some light and inspire paint contractors to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Networking isn’t always at the top of mind.

What do you think of when you hear the word networking? Maybe it’s getting to know the folks around town and letting them know who you are. Maybe it’s chatting with people on Facebook.

Networking is something that has seen its day of innovation. From local Facebook groups to local events, the opportunities are plentiful for those who take the time to seek them out. Here are a few options to consider when networking:

  • Events put on by your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Joining local Facebook Groups
  • Getting to know property managers
  • Networking with real estate agents
  • Talking with other local business owners
  • Starting conversations on Twitter

There are many more available, but as you can see if you think outside of the box you can harness great opportunities when it comes to networking. The bottom line is that the more you network, the more painting leads that you’ll be presented with.

Not having a long term view when working with customers.

Always look for more opportunities to increase your revenue. One of the best pieces advice anyone could have is to always be focused on the next job when you’re working on getting one completed. By doing this you’ll train your mindset to always look for the next customer you can book.

Just to take that advice even further, stay in touch with customers even after the job. Look for opportunities that can spruce up their home. Send them a holiday card so that you keep your company fresh on their mind. The goal here is to make sure you are their permanent solution instead of just forgetting about them when you have completed their work.

Not getting involved in the community.

Doing good things in the community goes a long way. If you have the means to do it, offer your services to help local organizations. Volunteering or offering your services for free are good ways to get involved.

By getting involved you’ll not only win over hearts, but you’ll be sharing your brand and your expertise. Odds are when someone you’ve helped has a project to do or one of their friends needs work done, you’ll be their first choice. Doing good not only gives you personal satisfaction, but it helps you improve the reputation of your brand altogether. And you can use it to get publicity as well. Sometimes your involvement in community service can be newsworthy, gaining you more exposure in a very positive light.

Not embracing what the World Wide Web offers.

As you probably know, the internet has become a source of countless painting leads and a great way of marketing painting businesses. Contractors in small towns can be in front of people who are new to town, while contractors in bigger cities can have an endless amount of leads delivered right to their desk.

It’s for this reason that you can’t ignore the internet when you go to market painting services. A lot of the time this will give you the competitive advantage as it’s not always the first place painting contractors advertise. Having a website, using social media properly, embracing lead generation sites, and Google listings are just a few of the ways you can take your company to the next level.

Not promoting your current project to neighbors.

One thing that is all too common among painters is ignoring one of the biggest marketing opportunities at their disposal. Making their presence known to all the neighbors is one of them. A simple yard sign can do the trick, but try to combine that with targeted marketing tactics that really grab the neighborhood’s attention.

From using your vehicle as a moving billboard to doorhangers, make it known that you’re around getting things done. Don’t just complete a job and leave the neighborhood without looking for even more work that may be right there.

Not embracing technology to streamline business.

Throw out the pen and paper because the 21st century is upon us. Software that helps you in all parts of your business, from tracking your employees to supporting your advertising, paint contractors can streamline all their business operations easier than ever before.

This also means maintaining proper customer records and keeping track of painting leads from start to finish is a cake walk. By incorporating field service software into your business, you can easily keep a pulse on everything that is happening.

Now is the time to make the most when you market painting.

Are you overlooking any of these opportunities? These are the most common mistakes we see painters make when it comes to marketing their business. If you’re missing any of these, don’t hesitate to print this out so you have a “cheat sheet.” Try taking on one of these ideas to grow your company as you continue to transform homes and businesses.

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