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Vital Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs

FieldPulseAuthor | October 16, 2017

As an entrepreneur, you know the value of developing skills that can help you in business. Along with becoming an expert in your field and developing great marketing plans, developing certain skills will propel your business forward and ensure your success.

It’s time to invest in yourself: take some courses, buy a few books, get a mentor, or whatever route works best for you. Here are some vital skills that every entrepreneur needs to master.


This is a big one. Your business can quickly change from being successful to having trouble because of poor communication. Effective communication can ensure that your vision gets implemented properly. It can save a project that has run into trouble and can keep your team on the right track.

There are many psychologists that believe that effective communication is the most important skill that an entrepreneur can possess.


By understanding what issues and difficulties your customers have, you will be at an advantage to solve those issues and gain their business. Consumers are becoming more aware of a company’s intentions. They might wonder if you are simply trying to sell more with little regard for their needs. Or are you truly interested in giving them what they are seeking?

When you show empathy towards them you build a relationship and loyalty that your competition simply cannot disrupt. Take time to really understand your customer.

Personal Branding

You’ve no doubt heard that, today, everyone is a brand. This is especially true for entrepreneurs because your reputation will precede you. With so much of your professional life available through a simple Internet search or a social media check, it’s imperative that you work on your branding strategy.

Your personal brand is a combination of your social media presence, circle of peers, past accomplishments, associations, employers, and customers. What are they saying about you? It is time to find out.


The one skill that puts money in the bank and keeps the lights on is sales. Every professional, no matter what industry, must master this skill if they want to stay in business. Many entrepreneurs begin in sales – either a sales job within a company in a related industry, or as an independent distributor for products like Mary Kay  or doTERRA. If you haven’t picked up sales skills already, maybe consider transitioning into a sales role for six months to a year before you start your business. These skills are invaluable as you look to build a company.

You might need to persuade investors to give you startup money, or convince customers that your company is worthy of their business. You even need to sell your employees on giving their best effort for the company. The only way to accomplish any of that is through effective sales skills.

Skills for Entrepeneurs

By developing these few skills you will be setting yourself up for success, not just professionally, but personally as well. One definition of a leader is someone who never stops improving. So take time to develop them, starting today.

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