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7 Easy Tips to Increase Your SEO-Savviness

FieldPulseAuthor | November 10, 2017

SEO for Contractors

Marketers today are using the internet to gain customers, clients, and more traffic. Internet marketing has greatly expanded in the last few years, and in many ways has surpassed the need for traditional marketing methods. Contractor SEO can seem scary to new business owners or those unfamiliar with SEO techniques. Luckily, it’s really easy to get started. The only caveat is, it takes patience, sound strategy, and consistent effort. Here are seven essentials to growing SEO.


Understanding User Intent

This is an area largely ignored by many businesses. Websites fill their pages with awesome product or service descriptions and a top-notch web design. But consider this, if you type “best air conditioner” into Google, what is the intent? Most people who search for terms in search engines want options. Directing searchers to a particular product will not achieve much. You need to be specific.

Describe buying considerations and explain the benefits of various types of products. Do not shy off making recommendations. For instance, explain to readers a little about SEER ratings and unit sizing. Back up such information up with features and facts.

Another point is, most of the search results should lead to landing pages. This does not mean you should neglect the homepage, just set up landing pages to answer the customers’ questions and lead to sales.


Link Building

Various link building techniques can contribute to better contractor SEO. Well-known link building techniques include things like reaching out to bloggers and influencers and asking them to link to your site in their content. This is a sound technique, but other, less obvious methods can be effective too.

Create high-quality content then reach out to websites with the right audience and ask them to host your content or links that apply to their own. Getting these opportunities is the hardest part. For the best returns, focus on high-value links. They are worth the effort.


Updating Old Content

Google’s algorithms like current content. But there’s a catch if you’d like to update your content; the content must drive traffic and updating it must add value. Use keyword research tools to find out which content has the highest potential for increasing traffic and focus on it. When updating content, be aware that if you change some links that were bringing in traffic, you might lose some traffic. So, find out what is valuable in the content and what needs tweaking. The main aim is to update the content so that it adds value to the readers.


Social Media

People are more responsive to companies with a social profile, especially when these companies engage in social media marketing. Social media is a surefire way to build customer engagement, and Google considers engagement when ranking content.

One way social media brings traffic is when readers share or comment on the content. It also provides an easy way for businesses to answer customer queries and glean valuable information in the process. Social media and content marketing can go hand in hand to create better search engine rankings.



Ultimately, content is what keeps readers and prospects interested. The quality of the content, whether it is a service description, blog post or infographic, should be helpful to the readers. This is also one area you need to invest time and use various tools to optimize content.

Great content must have meta descriptions for maximum effectiveness. Google is placing more emphasis on readability and what the content is about, rather than just keywords. That is why content ought to be optimized for semantic search.



The most significant of all SEO essentials is the website. It should be optimized for usability. This means carrying out regular checks of factors such as page load speeds and continually optimizing the page design for visitors.

One important thing to look for when auditing the website is links. Broken links could hinder the SEO as searchers aren’t finding what they are looking for. These could be both internal and external links. Take time to fix them or replace depending on the nature of the link.



People are likely to click on pages with images or videos than bodies of text. Exciting videos also appeal because people favor easy options. They’d rather watch a video explaining products than reading a wall of text. Create the relevant tags for any images and videos to ensure the search engines can direct traffic to them.


Getting Started with Contractor SEO

Contractor SEO calls for consistency more than anything else. The competition is busy trying to take the top spot in search rankings, so a few weeks or months off radar can put you far behind in search engine rankings. People who visit your website because of the great content become hooked. That means they should find something valuable regularly, if that doesn’t happen, they can turn to the competition. This becomes a direct loss of traffic that often takes years to rebuild. Using the right SEO techniques and getting familiar with them right away is important in any industry.

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