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Using Facebook Groups to Market Your Business

FieldPulse | November 8, 2017

Local Business MarketingFacebook is easily overlooked as a valuable source when it comes to local business marketing, but it can offer a big impact if you take the time to navigate the waters. This is one of the best things about newer technology – it’s often underestimated. What this could mean for contractors is that while their competition is busy underestimating its power, they can take it over and use it to boost income.

There is a lot written about social media in general, so let’s look specifically at how you can use Facebook as one of the most powerful growth tools for your business.

Facebook Groups are Key

Every day millions of people log on to Facebook. A growing number are using groups to keep up with topics that are important to them, stay connected, and share information. These groups can be national or locally focused, and many are focused on commerce. By joining these communities, businesses are able to easily talk to a large group of people who share common interests. This is a powerful tool for finding new business and promoting your services.

Local groups for buying and selling are everywhere

The use of Facebook groups for local buying, selling, and trading was used mainly by smaller towns at first. Now you’ll even find them for the bigger cities as well. It has truly taken the local marketplace somewhere it’s never been before. Because everyone is looking for suggestions or something new, this can be an ideal place to share your business.

These groups are invaluable when it comes to using them for local business marketing. You can promote your current specials, seasonal opportunities, and even your recent work. The exposure that you get from these types of groups is truly priceless.

Make sure you stay on top of your brand image!

Some localities have a Facebook group dedicated to reviewing local business. There’s something about sharing good (and bad) experiences that has fired consumers up in this modern day and age. This means that you’ll want to make sure to stay on top of what’s being said about your company.

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of Facebook reviews:

  1. Don’t be upset if someone has something negative to say. Entrepreneurs are known for overcoming even their biggest obstacles. Use it as an opportunity to provide resolution while letting others see that you’re passionate about providing a high level of service.
  2. Thank those who become your fans and vouch for your abilities. A simple thank you can go a long way and make them even more loyal to you as a customer. Not to mention they’ll be even more apt to drop your name among their friends and family.
  3. Stay on top of the places where the locals review businesses. Ignoring a post about your company could lead to devastating results, and nobody wants that when they’re running a business. Make sure you join the local review groups to ensure you can take a peak daily.

Keep Up with The Jones’

It’s easy to spot local trends and see what local homeowners may be needing. This provides you with intel that you can use to “laser-target” your marketing campaigns and promotions. By targeting your marketing in this manner you’re opening yourself up to a whole other world.

Harness the power of viral recommendations.

Facebook has really gone the extra mile and made it extremely easy for users to seek out and give recommendations. So much so that they’ve even decided to integrate maps into the process. By doing this they’ve inspired many people to use Facebook when they need to find a place or service provider to take care of their needs.

By being active on Facebook you’re making it even easier for the light to be shined in your direction. Talk about a great opportunity for local business marketing!

Now you’ll see Facebook in a whole new light

Not everyone looks at Facebook as a free marketing vehicle, but it’s one of the biggest ones available today. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. You now some new ideas and the insights you need to harness its power and use it to ensure the growth of your business. Don’t let it slip your mind, as that could lead to letting what could be one of your biggest projects ever to slip right through your fingers. And if you underestimate it, you’re just leaving the opportunity open for your competitors.

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