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Why Use FieldPulse as a One-Person Business?

FieldPulse | December 18, 2017

FieldPulse Business Management SoftwareSo, you’re living the dream. Making your own hours doing what you love. Working hard for every dollar you earn and not answering to anyone. Starting your own service business is incredibly rewarding. But as you’ve found out, there are many pitfalls and challenges when it comes to keeping your business in order. As a one-person operation, efficiency is extremely important. Every hour you’re out in the field, you’re earning money. When you’re working on administrative tasks to support your business, you’re not earning anything.

FieldPulse makes administrative tasks like scheduling jobs, keeping track of your customers, creating estimates and sending customer communications as quick and easy as possible. This means you spend less time on administrative work and more time out in the field earning money. That’s why service businesses of any size can benefit from using FieldPulse – it allows you to spend less time on your business and more time in your business.

Run Your Business with FieldPulse

Are you tired of having 9 browser tabs open as you juggle different apps, trying to remember where you saved everything? Maybe you’re still doing everything on paper and you’re sick of losing business to being disorganized. Here are the top 6 reasons why you need FieldPulse to streamline your one-person operation:

  1. Your whole business in one app

    Stay organized with your entire business in one app. No need to have several browser tabs open to run your business across a variety of apps; or worse, juggling paper copies of everything. With FieldPulse, everything you do in your business, from scheduling to invoicing to customer communication is in one app. Even better, all of your data is synced automatically between your phone and your computer. Your entire business is at your fingertips, anywhere, any time – even when you’re out in the field.

  2. Save time on estimates and invoices

    FieldPulse lets you schedule an appointment to provide an estimate, quickly create an estimate on the fly, send a PDF to the customer and then convert that estimate into an invoice when you go ahead with the job. The invoice will even automatically sync into Quickbooks to save you time on bookkeeping. No paperwork, no emailing back and forth. Simply create a professional estimate on the spot in less than 2 minutes and get on with the work.

  3. Look like one of the big guys

    Stand out from the competition when you run your business in the cloud with FieldPulse. No more messy paperwork, late invoices or hastily written emails. With FieldPulse your customer communications are automatic, you can create an estimate or invoice in minutes and send a PDF copy to your customer. You can even get a signature from your customer right from the app. Even though you’re just one person, there’s no reason your business can’t have the polish and professionalism of a large operation.

  4. Streamline your customer communications

    Keeping in touch with your customers manually can be time consuming and leave room for error. You might get busy and forget to reach out to a customer, or send an email with mistakes or typos when you’re in a rush. Keeping your customers happy is job one, so use FieldPulse to make it simple. With FieldPulse’s built in template emails and text messages, you can set up pre-populated emails and texts to keep in touch with your customers. Send appointment confirmations with built-in calendar invites, send reminder emails, ‘on the way’ texts and follow up your jobs with an email asking for referrals. All of this can be set up in FieldPulse, so that customer service is taken care of, even when you’re busy with other things.

  5. Prepare for growth

    With FieldPulse your business can scale – fast. Unlike manually entering information into spreadsheets or on paper, FieldPulse is an organized approach to running your business. Every team member sees the same information and can act on it efficiently. You can add team members fast and count on our award-winning support team to get them up to speed in minutes. With FieldPulse you can hire new team members or subcontractors and have them taking jobs, using timesheets and creating professional looking estimates in the same day.

  6. Keep track of your customers and your sales process

    In FieldPulse, you can see all of your customers at a glance. You can keep track of the customer lifecycle from lead to opportunity to current customer and reach out proactively with template emails. Organize your customers with custom tags so you have the customer information you need at a glance. Nothing falls through the cracks when your business is on FieldPulse. You can even track the lead source for each of your customers so you can evaluate the results of your marketing efforts and improve your sales process.

While you’re still going to have to put in the hard work and long hours to make your business work, use FieldPulse to ensure that those hours are spent putting money in your pocket, not bogged down in administrative tasks. Whether you’re a team of one or growing quickly, FieldPulse is here to organize your business and let you focus on customer work.

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