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Start Getting the Most Out of FieldPulse in 24 Hours or Less

John Kelsall | January 5, 2018

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So you’re interested in using FieldPulse to streamline your business. Awesome, but how do you get a quick sense of whether it will work for your company? This guide is designed to get you setup and running in less than 24 hours, testing out all the main features to get instant value and experience the role it will play in your operations.

In general, and to make your life easier, software to run your service business should:

  • Be easy to navigate and intuitive to use
  • Have features that enable your business to grow and scale
  • Make is simple to access customer information anywhere, anytime
  • Lets you see what your team is working on and where they are each day
  • Keep all of your customers, jobs, scheduling, estimates, and invoices in one place, organized, and easy to search with powerful reporting.

So to see if FieldPulse is right for your business, we’ve created a list of 5 steps to test our software and to start seeing real value.

On with the learning!

There are 5 key steps to getting the most out of your FieldPulse free trial and getting set up to make your business more efficient. We’ll dive into each of these steps to explain how to do it and why it will save you time and energy in your business. Once you have set up these 5 things in FieldPulse, you’ll be able to see the value it can add – and the time it can save you.

  1. Add a customer

Your customers are the reason you’re in business. You need a system to keep them organized, stay on top of customer communications, and easily set up new customer jobs as them come up. FieldPulse helps you provide the best service possible to your customers, so you can keep them for the long term. That’s why the first step to setting up FieldPulse is adding your customers. Once you do that you can create jobs for them, prepare estimates and invoices, and communicate with them right from FieldPulse (either from the web or on the mobile apps). To learn how to add a customer, check out this article: http://help.fieldpulse.com/how-to-articles/customer-management/creating-a-customer-profile

Additional Resources:

  1. Create a job

Once you have your customers in FieldPulse, you’ll want to schedule jobs for them as they come up. With FieldPulse you can quickly share jobs with your whole team, use our app to navigate to the customer’s location and clock your team’s time on the job. Once you’ve added a new job, it will show on your team’s schedule so that all of the jobs in your business are visible at a glance and everyone knows where to be and when. Keep the whole team on the same page about what you’re working on with FieldPulse.  That’s why it’s our second step to getting set up right.

Additional Resources:

  1. Create an estimate or invoice

Now that your customers are loaded into FieldPulse and you’re doing jobs for them – you need to get paid. You can easily create professional looking estimates and invoices with a couple of clicks, whether you’re in the office or out in the field. Send a PDF copy to your customer directly from FieldPulse or take a customer signature right on your phone. Spend less time trying to get paid and more time collecting checks.

Additional Resources:

  1. Add a team member

Finally, you’re up to speed on FieldPulse and using all of our powerful features. Now you can get to the next level of efficiency – invite your team! Once your whole team is on FieldPulse you’ll be able to quickly schedule team members for jobs, delegate work and keep track of your employees’ work hours and location. Everyone will be on the same page, in the same system getting more done.

Additional Resources:

  1. Test drive FieldPulse

Now that your business is organized and streamlined on FieldPulse, try it out in the field! You can use the mobile app yourself while out in the field, or have one of your service techs take it for a spin. Make sure you find a team member who is tech-savvy and open to using the app. You want to give it the best chance possible. When you do, send them a day’s worth of jobs through FieldPulse and track their progress in real time as they clock in and out, update the status of jobs and add comments and files. You can even track their progress as they move from job to job by checking their last known location on the map.

Additional Resources:

Taking the Next Step

You’re now a FieldPulse pro! Once you’ve completed these 5 steps you’ll be able to see real value for your service business and get your whole team organized. If you’re on the fence about using FieldPulse, take the time to set up these five steps. We’re confident you’ll see the value, but remember, you’re not on your own! We have a great team of dedicated support staff to help you succeed on FieldPulse. If you need any help as you get started, click on the blue chat icon at the bottom right any time you’re in the app, or just email us: support@fieldpulse.com

About the Author

John Kelsall

John Kelsall helps FieldPulse’s customers achieve success in their business. From one-on-one training to creating self-help resources, he wants to help you get the most out of FieldPulse. He’s also a tech enthusiast who likes to spend all his free time on his bike, when it’s not -20 outside in Toronto where he lives. You can reach him with questions at john@fieldpulse.com.

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