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Get More Reviews with FieldPulse + NiceJob

FieldPulse | August 29, 2018

NiceJobThe FieldPulse team is excited to announce our latest integration with NiceJob, a leading reputation management platform. NiceJob allows its users to get more customer reviews and, in the process, create content to drive local SEO and generate social media buzz.

“Introducing our close integration with NiceJob delivers on our mission of expanding the FieldPulse business hub with the tools that help our customers grow their companies,” says FieldPulse CEO, Gabriel Pinchev.

As a contractor or service professional, your reputation is everything. Your work is second to none, and everyone needs to know it. You’ve relied on spontaneous word of mouth for too long, so it’s time to make sure that your phone is always ringing with prospective customers. Today 90% of the market will rely on an online review while another 85% of consumers will read at least 10 reviews before selecting a vendor. This means that even the customer that came from word of mouth verified you online before calling.

So how will FieldPulse and NiceJob work together? Here are some of the many benefits:

Completed jobs = Great Reviews

Upon completion of a job, FieldPulse users have the option of sending a quick survey to the customer. If the response is positive, the customer is asked to generate that 5 star review for your business. You can manage all of this from within FieldPulse.

Get Noticed

Online reviews show up in search results. With more positive reviews, your website will stand out in searches.

Build Buzz

Turn your reviews into social media updates and new content for your website. NiceJob will automatically post your new customer testimonials on social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook Business, and Instagram pages.

NiceJob has seen helped customers increase reviews by as much as 50% within a month. With FieldPulse and NiceJob working together, you can manage your day to day while ensuring that the work you’ve done gets praised and seen by everyone. It’s the perfect compliment.

Both companies are offering an introductory offer:

  • All current NiceJob subscribers are eligible to receive their first months of FieldPulse for $1 (unlimited users) if they sign up by September 9, 2018 and mention you’re a NiceJob user.
  • All current FieldPulse customers are eligible for $100 off any NiceJob plan through September 9, 2018 using coupon code: LOVEFIELDPULSE.

For FieldPulse customers who have a NiceJob account, simply follow these steps to get started:

  • Log in to FieldPulse and go to the FieldPulse Marketplace
  • Click on the NiceJob icon
  • Authenticate with NiceJob
  • Update your settings to trigger the pop-up at the end of every job
  • Let NiceJob get you more reviews

All of your NiceJob and FieldPulse customer contacts will sync automatically, so there’s no need for any type of double entry. When you complete your next job, you’ll have the option to send your NiceJob review request – and start collecting new reviews!

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