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Contractor Business Cards that Make You Stand Out

FieldPulse | September 12, 2018

Contractor Business CardsHow do you make a great first impression as a contractor? Providing great customer service, a strong product, and showing up on time are extremely important. But the first step to landing a new job could be good-looking contractor business cards.

Handing a potential customer an attractive business card will help you win a job, and your network will expand. And because homeowners, business owners, and general contractors usually keep all their contact information in a single place, you’ll want to make sure your business card doesn’t simply blend in with the rest.

Here are a few tips that will help you impress potential customers.

1. Make the Design Stand Out

You’ve probably noticed that most business cards are black and white on flat paper. This is because this option is less expensive. Work with both the paper stock and colors to really differentiate your card from the next.

Your customer will see the card before they pick it up, so use colors that make an impact. But use colors that are consistent with your brand, and only pick two. Any more and you’ll make the card too busy. Also, avoid holiday-specific colors so that the card stands up year round. Black and orange might remind them of Halloween, while green and red are Christmas colors. Consider making the front of the card one color and the back another. Or have a solid background color and use another for accents.

Paper choice makes a difference too. Lighter cards won’t cost as much, but a heavier card stock will add quality to the finished product. Have you ever gotten a card that felt different? We understand the world using all of our senses, and touch is just as important. Since your customer can’t feel your work until it’s done, the business card (and all of your printed materials) are a great place to appease this sense.

2. Show Your Work

OK, not exactly like your 6th grade math teacher recommended. Show your customers the work you love to do!

Your business card is a great place to show a sample of your portfolio or your best work. By showing completed work on your card, you’re reminding customers about the goal of their project. And that happens every time they look at your card.

If you offer more than one line of work, make business cards with photos for each. Always choose a photo that represents your best work or the personality of your company.

3. Do Something Different

What do you picture when you think of a business card? Most people think of a rectangle with contact information and the name of the company in the center. Companies have used this style for decades. But successful businesses today are trying out new ways of designing business cards. Square and circle business cards are attracting attention and becoming more popular.

Standard business cards aren’t very popular with big businesses anymore. You can also try to cut the business card your own way. You could try cutting your business card in the shape of a hammer to represent your branding, for instance. That type of custom business card is something your prospective customers won’t forget.

4. Don’t Miss a Chance to Market

Here’s an idea to win more customers with your business card. Try including a discount code for their first service or advertise an additional free service that you’ll throw in with their first call. This will give your potential customers an incentive to call you over your competition. And not only that, but the person will be more likely to share your info with their neighbors and friends. People like free and discounted services, and offering it to new customers should mean more business for you!

5. Show Your Credibility

Are you certified in your field? Do you have additional trade licenses or certifications? Include your credentials on your business card. It will let customers know that they can trust you to work on their property. That extra mile of your training will pay off. This goes for association memberships – both trade associations and business groups like the Better Business Bureau.

6. Add a Personal Note

Besides the design, weight, and special offers of your contractor business cards, you’ll want to make each card personal to the recipient. Try adding a personal note on the back of the card in any blank space on the front. Doing so will help potential customers remember their conversation with you. If you haven’t spoken with them directly, your note could be the first step toward starting a conversation.

Why Do You Need Contractor Business Cards?

With a few ideas in mind, now’s the time to start working on your contractor business cards. They will represent both you and your work. The key is to have a business card that will differentiate yours from others.

Business cards will also help you to expand your sales through networking. You will be able to share your information with other contractors. An easy way to share your business cards with other contractors is just meeting with them as if you’re making a sales pitch. Schedule a time when they’re available and meet them. Tell them about yourself and how you could help their business. Then, leave them with a few of your contractor business cards. This method is tested and true. Contractors expand their businesses by networking all the time, and they’re always looking for new companies to work with.

Stating what you do on your contractor business cards will also help when you meet other people. One of the first questions someone asks is, “What do you do?” You don’t have to make a sales pitch, but you can share a few things about your business. Give them a business card as an illustration of you on the job or of what your company does. Your work is something you should be proud of, and you should enjoy talking about it. And who knows who will need your services at some point? That person you met a couple of months ago might pull your card out of their wallet and give you a call. They’ll remember talking to you, and your business card will establish you as an expert in the work that they need to have done.

Starting With New Contractor Business Cards

Your contractor business cards are an essential part of your marketing campaign. But there is more to it than just printing your name and contact number on a piece of cardstock. Design a card that will stand out and you will earn more work. And once you have your new business cards in hand, look for ways to build your business. The next challenge could be service call scheduling, so plan ahead.

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