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Best Apps for Handyman Businesses

dennis@fieldpulse.com | February 26, 2020

Best Apps for Handyman Businesses

If you’re looking to make jobs easier to complete or improve how your business operates, mobile and web apps can be your next cool tool.

The Best Apps For Handyman Businesses

We’ve compiled a short list of apps that might be worth checking out. Each of these software products can help you deliver better and faster handyman services to residential and commercial customers:

  • ContractorCalculator
  • Yelp & Google’s Business Apps
  • FieldPulse
  • Ugly’s Electrical Reference
  • Canva
  • Photo Measures
  • Plumbing Formulator
  • NiceJob


The ContractorCalculator app allows users to make calculations in the field then save and organize them on their phone. Calculations range from simple conversions, like square footage, to more complex and trade-related calculations like wire size calculation. These calculations can then be organized by project and used to calculate business expenses for future projects. The app is also highly customizable. Commonly used calculations can be organized into a favorites tab or saved to specific projects.

Calculations include:

  • Square Footage Calculator
  • Decimals to Fractions Converter
  • Fraction Calculator
  • Measurement Conversion
  • Amps to Watts Calculator
  • Wire Size Calculator
  • Amps by Wire Size Chart
  • Wall and Paint Footage Calculator
  • Drywall Footage Calculator
  • Flooring Calculator
  • Roof Footage Calculator
  • Siding and Brick Calculator
  • And more!

ContractorCalculator is free and available on both iOS and Android.


“Using FieldPulse together with Nicejob we’ve already collected 5 reviews out of 8 jobs without having to remember to send texts and emails!”

Good reviews are essential for growing your business, whether it’s gaining the trust that gets customers to contact you or ranking higher on Google Maps. However, it can be a time-consuming process with few results to show for your efforts. NiceJob has automated and perfected the process. NiceJob not only makes it easier for customers to leave reviews (in just two clicks and 30 seconds!) but sends customers reminders when they haven’t left a review and distributes your reviews across sites where they’ll be seen the most. It can also help put your reviews out into the world by automatically pushing customer stories and reviews to your website and social media with eye-catching visuals that drive up engagement.

NiceJob starts at $45/month and integrates seamlessly with FieldPulse.

Yelp & Google’s Business Apps

If you haven’t already, it’s important to claim your Yelp and Google business listings. This allows you to have control over what information is listed about your business, ensure its accuracy, and actively engage with customers as they leave reviews or send you messages.

There are even apps for both sites that provide real-time push notifications of new reviews and messages. With these apps, you’ll be able to swoop in and reply to negative reviews immediately instead of letting them sit unattended, putting off potential leads.

Google (Android, iOS) and Yelp’s apps are available for free on both iOS and Android.


This app provides handymen with all the tools they need to manage their business in one place. With FieldPulse, you can speed up the office and sales side of your job and grow your business in ways you might never have known were possible.

Memory is fallible. Paperwork can be lost. Poor penmanship and inconsistent, incomplete invoicing could make customers feel cheated and lose you future work.

But with FieldPulse you can incorporate the paper system you’re already using straight into the app with no hassle. Invoice customers and take payments and signatures straight from your phone. Create detailed estimates that can pull from your commonly used line items so you’re not re-writing the same material and labor costs over and over throughout the day. Attach photos and notes to jobs.

Many manual tasks like scheduling calls and plotting routes take dozens of minutes per day. Taking calls and confirming appointments, sometimes multiple times per job, consumes dozens more minutes per day. Time is money, and you can save a lot by running your handyman business on an app.

But the other big benefit comes when your business looks and acts more professional with technology. Customers like conveniences and will perceive your service quality to be higher. An improved customer experience leads to positive references, reviews, recommendations, and repeat business. You can even stand out with customers by sending customers automated texts and/or GPS-tracking information so they know your ETA once you’re on the way. Pretty slick.

FieldPulse is deceptively simple and gives you everything you need to make your business a success at your fingertips. Speed up your workflow without you having draining time into learning a complicated system and incorporate its vast array of features at your own pace instead of being overwhelmed by them. Customize and organize information in a way that’s intuitive to your business’ unique needs with custom forms and item repositories.

Still want someone to walk you through every step of the process? FieldPulse’s US-based support team is only a click away inside the app and puts you first all the time, not just when you’re being onboarded.

Features include:

  • Customized estimates and invoicing
  • Invoice, billing, tax, and markup calculators
  • Customer database
  • Cost-basis tracking / profit analysis
  • Electronic payments and signatures
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Task management and assignments
  • File and photo attachments

FieldPulse is available on both iOS and Android, with a web browser app for office users starting at only $49 per month.

Ugly’s Electrical Reference

Ugly’s Electrical Reference is the digital version of the most comprehensive electrical reference on the market. After buying it once, you have access to the latest version of Ugly’s Electrical Reference guide for life. It comes in full-color, is searchable, and can be accessed on your phone without a cell signal.

The app is also packed with numerous other features like reference charts, built-in calculators, and how-to videos. Thumb through NEMA diagrams, NEC tables, and blueprint symbol identifiers. Ditch the pen and paper and automatically calculate motors, voltage drop, and conductor adjustment factors in seconds. Learn the proper technique or double-check your work with interactive features and step-by-step video tutorials. Even stay updated about changes to the National Electrical Code.

Ugly’s Electrical References is available on both Android and iOS for $12.99.


Hiring someone to create graphics for your business can get expensive. Canva puts that power into your hands by giving you the ability to create professional graphics free from a massive library of templates. Create flyers, business cards, brochures, social media templates, email headers, coupons, and much more. Then either save the design or order prints of it directly from inside Canva.

Canva is FREE and available on web, iOS, and Android.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures eliminates the need to create pen and paper sketches of objects. With this app, you can simply take a photo of the object, zoom in, and annotate the photo directly on your phone. You can draw arrows, lines, and angles and add text, comments, and dimensions directly to the photo and color-code them to your needs. Each photo can then be shared with others and organized into folders.

This eliminates the confusion of drawings that may not properly convey what you’re working on and dramatically speeds up the process of sharing measurements.

Photo Measures is available on iOS for $6.99 and Android for $4.99.

Plumbing Formulator

This app houses over 120 formulas and calculators for plumbers and HVAC technicians as well as dozens of conversions and plumbing charts. Plumbers can easily make calculations like pipe weights and water flow. HVAC techs, meanwhile, can calculate helpful information like heat loss and air quality.

Plumbing Formulator also makes it simple to organize your formulas. Inside the app, there are options to save your most-used formulas and sort them so they’re easily accessible. Alternatively, you can email and print conversions directly from the app.

The library is constantly expanding, being updated with user requests. Just a small sample of the many formulas offered include:

Formulas include:

  •  Gallons Per Hour of Gas
  • BTU input
  • Domestic Daily Hot Water Usage
  • Optimum Water Flow
  • Volume of Water Flow
  • Piping Elbows
  • Piping Gate Valves
  • Pipe Length Change Due to Temperature
  • Building Heat Loss
  • Fresh Air in Room
  • Water Chilling load
  • Brake Horsepower –Pump
  • Efficiency of Pump
  • Brake Horsepower Motor

Plumbing Formulator is free and available on iOS.

Streamline your business with the best plumbing software and apps

Now that you have the right tools, you can use them to build bulletproof processes that eliminate all the unnecessary, time consuming tasks that cut into your day-to-day. As a result, you’ll finally be able to take on more work and improve your overall profitability.

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