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Equipment For Roofing Contractors: 10 Tools To Get Started

FieldPulse | December 23, 2016

Keep this equipment in mind when you are preparing to start your roofing business. Here are the basics of the equipment necessary to get started in the roofing business.

1. Ladder

This is the most essential of tools. You will need a ladder that extends 30 to 40 ft. allowing you to access a roof with ease. Be sure to invest in a quality ladder as you will use this piece of equipment every day on the job site and you want one that lasts. Take safety into consideration when you are selecting a ladder as you will be going up and down it frequently and don’t want any accidents to occur right out of the gate.

2. Safety Equipment

When you are working with heights, you need to consider safety at every turn for you and your crew. Having the required safety equipment will ensure that no one gets hurt and that everyone remains safe throughout the project. Think about hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses as key pieces of safety equipment you should pick up for your team.

3. Pry Bar

This handy tool will help you as your remove nails from old roofs that you are replacing. A flat pry bar is a fast way to loosen nails and can also be used to demolish areas of the roof that are hard to get off. Invest in a good pry bar or two to make roof replacement easy and quick for your entire crew.

4. Cordless drill

This is an invaluable piece of equipment that no roofing contractor should be without. You will need this to drill holes in concrete, wood, and metal when you are putting in screws or any kind of fastener. You will need a variety of drill bits to go along with the drill as well as an extra battery pack which will prove to be helpful. Also, pick up the mixing attachment for the drill as this will be useful to mix products before application on a roof.

5. Pneumatic Nail Gun

Another essential is a pneumatic nail gun, which will be used to secure shingles and flashing into place upon a roof. This will allow you to hammer in hundreds of nails a day in seconds and will make the whole roofing process faster and easier. If you have multiple people on your crew, you may need more than one pneumatic nail gun as several people could be securing shingles at one time, allowing you to move to the next job quicker.

6. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow will be useful when you are removing an old roof as you will be able to haul debris off the job site to a trailer or dump site. Be sure to choose a sturdy model that will hold up to the weight of the materials you intend to haul with it. A flimsy model will prove to be more hassle than its worth as it won’t roll properly under the load and will get damaged in no time requiring replacement.

7. Caulking Gun

Some homeowners and businesses you work with will need roof repairs and a caulk gun will allow you to install cement or sealant to the areas that need fixing. You will have better control with a caulk gun and it will be less messy than using tubes of caulk instead.

8. Framing Square

To cut those shingles with precision, you will need a framing square to get just the right cut. It will allow you to make straight edge cuts so your work is impeccable and has good quality to it. Don’t leave cutting to the eye, use a framing square to ensure the perfect cut every time.

9. Tin Snips

Tin snips are ideal for cutting flashing to size and also creating fittings around gutters and drip edges. Choose a pair that is sharp and will do the job easily. You don’t want to be fighting those cuts as they need to made with some accuracy for an attractive appearance to the roof you are working on.

10. General Tool Kit

Having a general toolkit will be required as you never know what will crop up on the job site that will need its use. This should include hammers, hacksaws, screwdrivers, chisels, and wrenches. These will all come in handy as you work on a roof.

With the right equipment, your roofing business will be on its way to doing a variety of roofing jobs. You will be prepared for every challenge that comes your way as you have the right tools to tackle it.

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