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Frequently asked questions about FieldPulse

Is there a way to store common invoice line items and equipment used for invoices to quick entry?+
Yes, FieldPulse allows you to create “Invoice Item Templates” as a repository of your commonly used invoice line items. Store items such as labor rates, supplies, equipment, and more along with default prices, quantities, and descriptions. Create full invoices in just a few clicks.

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Can I send estimates/proposals/quotes in addition to invoices?+

Yes, FieldPulse treats estimates and invoices as the same record type but with the ability to simply change the status from an estimate to an invoice. This allows you to create an estimate for a customer and then quickly transition the estimate to an invoice once the customer has approved the work. No need to recreate your estimate as an invoice.

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Can I assign jobs to one or more team members? Will they be notified?+

Yes, FieldPulse allows you to assign jobs to any combination of team members across multiple teams. They will be automatically notified with a push notification to their phone upon being assigned to a job.

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What information do customer profiles manage?+

Customer profiles not only allow you to store basic information such as First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, and Notes, but they also store documents related to the customer such as job records, invoice records, customer comments, invoice PDFs, photos, and other files. Customer profiles show you the entire customer history and relevant files.

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Can I cancel at anytime?+

Yes, FieldPulse offers flexible month-to-month plans which can be cancelled at any time. The remainder of the month in question will be prorated.

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What are some types of businesses that use FieldPulse?+

All types of mobile service businesses use FieldPulse to manage their business. Companies ranging from one-man operations to 100 employee teams. Typical companies include general contractors, electricians, HVAC, plumbers, roofers, installers, but any business with team members out in the field servicing customer with scheduling, customer management, and invoicing needs can benefit from using FieldPulse.

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Why should I use FieldPulse?+

FieldPulse is for businesses who want to improve their customer data management, job scheduling, and invoicing processes.

For example, instead of waiting to handwrite and mail out invoices, you can send an invoice for completed work in seconds at the job site or in the office with FieldPulse. All the relevant info is automatically included in the invoice; you can make any changes as needed and send directly to your customer via email, meaning you can get paid quicker. FieldPulse also knows when you’ve sent an invoice out and when it’s been paid, so you can track whether your customer has paid for the service. FieldPulse allows you to quickly schedule jobs and dispatch team members, notifying them of their newly assigned work and equipping them with all necessary information to perform the job. FieldPulse also helps you manage customer information and history including all jobs, invoices, photos, files, and comments attached to the customer profile.

By organizing all these functions for you, FieldPulse can save you time and effort while allowing you to better serve your customer.

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