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Frequently asked questions about FieldPulse

I don’t want certain employees to see certain financial/invoicing/billing information, can I control that?+
FieldPulse offers different roles for employees depending on the functions they need access to. From Managers to Subcontractors, FieldPulse has roles with varying permissions to align with your company structure. If you don’t want an employee to be able to see or send out invoices, they would be assigned to the Subcontractor role, which does not allow them to see financial information. FieldPulse has a tiered pricing structure for different user types. Employees that don’t require access to all features have a lower monthly price than higher-level employees, meaning you can tailor FieldPulse to your current needs and make updates at any time.

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Can I store secondary contacts and contact methods for customer profiles?+

Yes, FieldPulse allows you to add a secondary contact to both individual and company customer profiles as well as alternate phone and email addresses for the primary contact.

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How much does FieldPulse cost?+

FieldPulse provides a 14 day free trial. After that, FieldPulse offers flexible month to month, no commitment plans to match your needs starting at $49 for the first user. Additional users begin at $20 depending on their role or free if they simply need to be assigned to jobs for management purposes. You can register through our website, where you can also manage your additional team member accounts. With FieldPulse, you only pay for the users you need and when you need them. We understand there may be periods where you require more staff and others where you may require fewer. Team members can be added, removed, and activated or deactivated as needed. Any applicable charges accrued will be prorated, so you only pay for the portion of the month that was actually used.

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Why should I use FieldPulse?+

FieldPulse is for businesses who want to improve their customer data management, job scheduling, and invoicing processes.

For example, instead of waiting to handwrite and mail out invoices, you can send an invoice for completed work in seconds at the job site or in the office with FieldPulse. All the relevant info is automatically included in the invoice; you can make any changes as needed and send directly to your customer via email, meaning you can get paid quicker. FieldPulse also knows when you’ve sent an invoice out and when it’s been paid, so you can track whether your customer has paid for the service. FieldPulse allows you to quickly schedule jobs and dispatch team members, notifying them of their newly assigned work and equipping them with all necessary information to perform the job. FieldPulse also helps you manage customer information and history including all jobs, invoices, photos, files, and comments attached to the customer profile.

By organizing all these functions for you, FieldPulse can save you time and effort while allowing you to better serve your customer.

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What is FieldPulse?+

FieldPulse is business management software as a service designed for mobile service businesses who need to better manage their customer data, schedule jobs for employees, create invoices and estimates, track payments, and have better insight into their business operations. FieldPulse can be used via your mobile phone or computer.

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